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Photograph of Simon Ball.Simon Ball B. Comm M.B.S. Reg. Rep. (Irish Stock Exchange) A.I.T.I.

Simon is an Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute, and has worked for over 6 years with leading tax firm BDO Simpson Xavier. He has extensive experience of tax matters dealing with both companies and high net worth individuals. He specializes in the areas of corporate and personal tax planning work and the preparation and filing of returns for both companies and individuals.

Prior to BDO Simpson Xavier he gained 4 year’s experience within the financial services sector with a leading Dublin firm. This combined professional experience has helped him specialize in developing close relationships with clients, listening to their needs and providing effective and efficient advice.


Simon Ball set up his own tax consultancy business – SB Tax Consultants in November 2009. We spoke to Simon to find out more about his own professional experience and how he is building his client base.

What is your professional background?

I worked for over six years with leading tax firm BDO Simpson Xavier. I have extensive experience in dealing with high net worth individuals and large companies. My main areas of expertise are corporate and personal tax planning and the preparation and filling out of tax returns for companies and individuals.

Prior to my work with BDO Simpson Xavier I gained four year’s experience within the financial services sector with a leading Dublin Firm. I always try to meet my client’s needs by providing effective and efficient advice; I believe that my previous experience has facilitated this.

I am also an associate of the Irish Taxation Institute and I have three years experience as a stock market trader.


Why did you decide to start your business?

I was made redundant from a previous role. I originally began to look for other work but then I saw my redundancy as an opportunity to start my own business. Despite the recession people still need tax advice. So in 2009 I launched SB Tax Consultants.


What have been the biggest challenges and achievements for you since starting?

This biggest challenge has been getting my name out there. This is a challenge every company faces.  Building a client base is always a constant battle.

In terms of achievements it has been reaching the goals of getting my name out there and building a large client base. They were a few factors that helped me to do this:

To gain visibility and build an identity for the practice I would advertise locally as much as possible. I also write articles for O2 - The Ideas Room and the business section of the Irish Independent. The Ideas Room is widely reproduced online and has been really good for me in terms of creating leads.


What are your plans for the future?

My main goal is to continue on with the work I am doing. I want to continue to build on my already existing client base and increase knowledge of my practice through advertising and publishing articles.


What is your advice for other entrepreneurs?

My advice to other entrepreneurs is to always believe in your own idea or ideas (even if no one else does). My other piece of advice is that perseverance is key. If you believe in yourself and your own ideas it will be easier to persevere with your goals. Just stick at it!